SciTed by L & J Smith

L & J Smith

There is a real desire to study how we understand science images. How do we learn from these images? How much do variations in presentation affect comprehension? Are there differences between experts and novices in terms of what we take away from the images?

Drs. Lisa and Jeffrey Smith, professors at the University of Otago New Zealand and members of the Aesthetics & Astronomy project at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory present a talk at SciTED New Zealand. They take a look at exploring how people – novices, experts, artist historians, artists, astrophysicists, students – try to make sense of, or understand, what they are seeing when they they look at deep space images, and how to best communicate the science and the art.

SCITED Talk by L. and J. Smith from Science Communication on Vimeo.

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