New Study launched

There is a real desire to study how we understand science images. How do we learn from these images? How much do variations in presentation affect comprehension? Are there differences between experts and novices in terms of what we take away from the images?

The first paper on the preliminary results of the study has been accepted by Science Communication. View it online at (pre-print available at ). Our latest research grant from the Smithsonian is enabling us to study the perception of astronomy images across multiple platforms (web,mobile, print,large scale) at participating science centers in the summer and fall of 2010.

In the area? Stop by and be a part of our study. The research exhibit will be at:
June 13-July 5: Chicago Adler Planetarium
July 12-30: Boston Museum of Science
Aug 9-30: Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Sep 3-24: Washington, D.C. National Air & Space Museum
Sep 27-29: Cambridge, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Oct 12-31: Otago, New Zealand

Aesthetics & Astronomy exhibit at
National Air & Space Museum, September 2010
Larger Version

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